Osteopathic treatment

How does an osteopathic treatment work? After you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation by email. In this confirmation you will find a link to a website page that will help you communicate directly with your osteopath. You will find a form on this site where you can begin the process by entering your basic details. A questionnaire will follow that will help you fill out information about your complaint, any diseases from which you currently or previously suffered, any history of bone fractures, surgery, etc., as well as other relevant information regarding your complaint and overall health. This online intake form will draw a detailed picture of your current health and give me important information on which to base examination and treatment. During the initial consultation we will go through the intake form. Any questions you or I may have can be addressed here.

During the initial consultation I will perform a manual examination. You will need to remove your clothing excepting undergarments and I will then perform a few tests with you in standing and seated positions. The remaining tests will be done with you lying down on the treatment table. The focus of all these tests will be on the mobility of the locomotive system, the organs and the craniosacral system.

After this we can start immediate treatment of those restrictions of mobility that proved important during the examination. Both the examination and treatments are performed manually; no use is made of other instruments or devices. The whole process of initial discussion, examination and treatment will take about an hour upon the first visit. Follow-up treatments will also take about an hour.

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