Costs and reimbursement of osteopathy

A consultation and/ or treatment will take about an hour where adults are concerned. The rate per consultation is €98,-

An intake for a baby or child will also take about an hour and the rate here is also €98,-. A followup consultation for a baby or child will take about 45 minutes and costs here will be €88,-.

In certain situations a short consultation of 30 minutes is also possible. This will cost €65,-

The consultation fee is payable in cash or (preferably) by PIN. You will receive an invoice for submission to your health insurer, either by email or in print.

Most health insurers reimburse an osteopathic consultation/ treatment in whole or in part depending on the insurance company and their policy. The link at the bottom of this page redirects you to a list of insurers and the amounts they reimburse. This list is compiled annually by the NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy).

Overview insurers and their reimbursement for osteopathy in 2022*
(this link wil start a download of the pdf of the list)


The so-called ‘eigen bijdrage’ with a maximum of €385,- in 2022 is only affected by reimbursement of medical costs as covered by your ‘basisverzekering’. If there is reimbursement of osteopathic treatment costs it will always be paid out of your ‘aanvullende verzekering’.

I am a member of the professional associations NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy) and NRO (Dutch Register for Osteopathy) and as such am recognized by all of the Dutch health insurers.

A referral is not needed from your family doctor or medical specialist in order to see an osteopath or claim reimbursement from your insurer. You can therefore make an appointment to see me directly at anytime.

*Source: website NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy)

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